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The Swedish Medical Authority ‘Läkemedelsverket’ have attacked Bada Health Centre and thus indirectly every Swedish citizen by taking away their legal right to health through natural supplements. Bada Health Centre clearly state that we are selling natural supplements and we have been granted permission to do so by the relevant regulatory authority. Bada Health Centre is “in the service of the human being”. In whose service is the Swedish Medical Authority?




The Swedish Medical Authority writes in regard to Ginko Leaf: The product is classified as a medicine when presented with medical claims. Ginkgo biloba is a well-known medicinal herb that is a traditional herbal medicine in Sweden. The name of the product is related to the content of the plant. It states that the use is "Heart Trouble, heartache, stroke, paralysis, and local loss of feeling, aphasia and related disorders."




Bada Health Centre will follow Swedish law, however unscientific and ridiculous the Swedish authorities’ interpretation of it is. We have been left with no choice but to remove the text mentioned by the Swedish Medical Authorities and replace each letter with a red X as you can see below.




In the meantime, Bada Health Centre “in the service of the human being” will work to change the law so that people have the right to their own health.


Relieves: xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx, xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx. May be useful in the breakdown of muscle lactic acid during exercise.




According to the manufacturer:


The leaves from the Ginkgo plant increases blood flow and circulation in the body, it reduces blood fat and cholesterol and softens the heart and blood vessels in the brain. Studies show that ginkgo increases circulation mainly in the peripheral small capillaries and prevents blood clots. Ginkgo also has antioxidant effects.

Ingredients: Extracts of ginkgo leaves.
Description: Tablet form, brown colour. The taste is slightly bitter.
Dosage: 2 tablets each time, three times a day or as instructed.
Caution: Do not mix Ginkgo with other medications or drugs. Never use if you eat blood thinners, aspirin, or are diabetic. Always tell your doctor if you are using ginkgo.
- Diabetics and people who eat blood thinning medication should avoid ginkgo.
- Pregnant and weak individuals should follow the doctor's orders.
- Excess consumption may cause dizziness and / or nausea.
- Reactions may occur with the use of other drugs and medications. Even with medicines like ordinary painkillers, side effects may occur. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure.
Specifications: The tablets are supplied in strips of 12 tablets, with two strips per pack; total 24 tablets.
Storage: Close the package between uses.
Shelf life: 18 months after manufacture.


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