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Tianma Toufengling

Tianma Toufengling


The Swedish Medical Authority ‘Läkemedelsverket’ have attacked Bada Health Centre and thus indirectly every Swedish citizen by taking away their legal right to health through natural supplements. Bada Health Centre clearly state that we are selling natural supplements and we have been granted permission to do so by the relevant regulatory authority. Bada Health Centre is “in the service of the human being”. In whose service is the Swedish Medical Authority?


The Swedish Medical Authority writes in regard to Tianma Toufengling: The product is classified as a medicine when presented with medical claims. Amongst other things, it states that "Aspirin - Tianma Toufengling" and that "Tianma Toufengling helps with headaches [...] Tianma relieves pain in the leg and thigh and mitigates problems with sore limbs and falling asleep. [...] In addition to its pain-reducing properties." Additionally it describes ingredients which have medical benefits.


Bada Health Centre will follow Swedish law, however unscientific and ridiculous the Swedish authorities’ interpretation of it is. We have been left with no choice but to remove the text mentioned by the Swedish Medical Authorities and replace each letter with a red X as you can see below.


In the meantime, Bada Health Centre “in the service of the human being” will work to change the law so that people have the right to their own health.

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especially that which occurs when one is exposed to cold winds and wind. Xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx x xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx. The manufacturer describes that Tianma provides nutrients for the yin and yang. It gives coolness and strengthens tendons and bones xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.

Ingredients: Tall Gastrodis Tubes (5.4%) - Gastrodia elata is known as Tianma in Chinese which has given the product its name. In Chinese Traditional medicine, Tianma is considered to soothe the liver and give coolness. It´s suitable against convultions, improves memory, is relaxing and stimulates the immune system. Achyranthis Bidentatae Radix (5.4%), Achyranthes bidentata, traditionally used to treat high blood pressure, kidney stones, arthritis and similar conditions. Figwort root (5.4%) Scrophularia nodosa. Common Figwort has a cleansing and heart-relieving effect. The Latin name comes from scrofula, a plant that was used to treat in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Rehmannia Root (16.3%) - rehmannia glutinosa strengthens and nourishes the blood, relieves inflammation and strengthens the kidneys. Chinese Angelica (23.3%) - Chinese angelica increases blood circulation and reduces pain. Eucommia Bark (4.7%) - Bark from eucommia tree (also known as the Chinese rubber tree) strengthens bones and tissue, increases hepatic and renal function, moderates weakness and pain in the knees and lower back and increases blood circulation and qi. Szechwan Lovage Rhizome (5.4%) - increases blood circulation, alleviates pain and provides relief of stress. Used for a variety of pain conditions, including headache, menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, and painful swellings around injuries. Mistletoe (23.3%) – considered helpful for bones and reducing pain.

Wild Flower Chrysanthemun (5.4%) - chrysanthemum soothes and reduces heat, soothes swollen throat and is detoxifying. Gambir Plant (5.4%) - from Uncaria family. Reduces headaches and tension in your body.
Dosage: Oral, four capsules each time, twice a day for pain.
• Avoid spicy flavors of food.

• Avoid eating Chinese herbs at the same time as ingesting Tianma.
• Those who suffer from ‘exogenous wind-cold’ in TCM should use Tianma with caution. According to TCM: Wind-cold means you are frozen, have a low level fever, which is often accompanied by body aches and headache.
• People with heart problems, liver problems, diabetes, kidney disease and other severe chronic diseases should only take Tianma with supervision from a physician.
• Do not overdose. Children, the elderly and the sick should not take Tianma without supervision from a physician.
• If your symptoms persist or worsen three days after you start using Tianma, seek medical advice from a physician.
• If you suffer from allergies you should use Tianma with care and pay attention to how your body reacts to it.
• Do not use Tianma if the  product changes have been damaged.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• If you use drugs, you should contact your doctor or pharmacist before using Tianma. Tianma may react with other substances.
Specifications: 0.2 g per capsule. 60 capsules per bottle.

Storage: Seal the container tightly closed.





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