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The Swedish Medical Authority ‘Läkemedelsverket’ have attacked Bada Health Centre and thus indirectly every Swedish citizen by taking away their legal right to health through natural supplements. Bada Health Centre clearly state that we are selling natural supplements and we have been granted permission to do so by the relevant regulatory authority. Bada Health Centre is “in the service of the human being”. In whose service is the Swedish Medical Authority?


The Swedish Medical Authority writes in regard to Copaiba oil: The product is classified as a medicine when presented with medical claims.
Amongst other things, it states that "Copaiba has been traditionally used in the Amazon to promote or alleviate a number of conditions including: colds, flu, skin and nail fungus. Inflammation of ulcers, rash, dermatitis, stomach problems, insect bites, pain."




Bada Health Centre will follow Swedish law, however unscientific and ridiculous the Swedish authorities’ interpretation of it is. We have been left with no choice but to remove the text mentioned by the Swedish Medical Authorities and replace each letter with a red X as you can see below.




In the meantime, Bada Health Centre “in the service of the human being” will work to change the law so that people have the right to their own health.

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Ingredients extracted by distillation of fat extracted from the Copaiba tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest (Copaifera officinalis).
Dosage: taken any time mixed with water or tea, 5 -7 drops.
Caution: if adverse reactions occur, Copaiba should be discontinued.
Specifications: 30ml
Storage: dry and cool


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