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Kolloidalt silver

Colloidal silver

Bada produces its our own colloidal silver with a concentration of 10 ppm. Colloidal silver is in fact a mixture of colloidal and ionic silver.

Silver is a well-known method for water purification. The world is full of anecdotes about the knowledge of silver as a water purifier. The cowboys of the american Wild West used to put a silver dollar in their water to keep it fresh and drinkable for longer periods of time. Wealthy european familes in the medieval times used to eat and drink from silver, which is one explanation for their good health compared to the rest of the population at that time. In Ethiopia the priests of the Orthodox Christian church would place a silver cross in water for a few hours and offer it as a drink to cure people from a wide range of diseases. It has been shown in numerous scientific studies that colloidal silver can be used to remove mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses from water. Modern health care systems use silver ions as antibacterial agents.

Until 2010, colloidal silver was sold as a dietary supplement. During this time the recommended dose was 30 ml per day. This volume should not be exceeded.

Ingredients: Colloidal Silver 10 ppm.
Dosage: For water treatment and disinfection, mix 10 ml of colloidal silver in a liter of water.
Specifications: 1000 mL
The product should not be confused with other silver preparations based on silver nitrate which is toxic and corrosive. Silver nitrate can also lead to Argyri where the person’s skin becomes grey or blue. The silver product we sell does not contain this dangerous compound of silver.

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